About Us

The Panunee Yacht, upgraded as it is today is the result of many ideas from best friends and many customers who have been diving together for more than a decade. After experiencing thousands of dives around the world and getting the comments and suggestions from many friends and customers we decided no current liveaboard was meeting every divers needs. Our many friends and customers include interior designers, interior decorators, a shipyard owner and a dive trip operator. These people formed a team to plan what would be needed to refurbish the Panunee Yacht in ways to best meet the divers and underwater photographer’s needs and to make every trip a memorable one.

In this most recent upgrade, implementing those plans while increasing comfort, convenience, quality, safety and providing tasteful elegance have been our main goals. Over the years we have never stopped improving our facilities and standards of service.

The Panunee Yacht is like a beautiful lady who keeps, changing dresses, cosmetics and hairstyles. When her guy comes back to see her again, he will be surprised to see his lady who is still beautiful, trendy and who never gets old. Hopefully he will fall in love with her forever. We hope all of our guests on the Panunee will feel the same.

Our mission has always been and will continue to be to provide you, our friends, with the Ultimate Diving Yacht. At Panunee we really care.

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