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From - To Airline Flight ETD-ETA
Jakarta (CGK) - Sorong (SOQ) Garuda                
Depart 1 day earlier 
GA614+GA698 1915-0700+1
GA650+GA698 2100-0700+1
Nam Air IN586 0005-0610
Xpress Air XN812A 0110-0720
Batik Air ID7797 0150-0800
From - To Airline Flight ETD-ETA
Sorong (SOQ) - Jakarta (CGK) Garuda GA691+GA643 1225-1725
GA691+655 1225-1840
GA471+601 1415-1825
Nam Air IN587 1155-1350
Xpress Air XN811B 1050-1300
Batik Air ID7780 0850-1105


Baggage Allowance      
Most low cost airlines allow 10-15 Kgs / passenger for check baggage and 7Kgs for carry on.
Additional baggage weight is charged approx. USD 2/Kg.   Please check for details with your
travel agent or airline carrier for actual details    
For Garuda airlines llowance is as followed.    
Sport Equipment weight allowance is additional upto 23 Kgs beyond check baggages.
Normal free baggages allowance is as followed.   (Each of baggage does not exceed 32 Kgs)
International Flight First class - 50 Kgs, Business Class - 40 Kgs , Economy - 30 Kgs
Domestic Flight Business - 30 Kgs , Economy - 20 Kgs  

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