Covid-19 Booking Notification

Annoucement Date : 12 Mar 2021

Panunee Yacht realizes the difficulties and uncertain of traveling during Covid-19 situation. The pandemic results in the daily changing in traveling situation in most of countries in the world. 

More than a year that we have kept monitoring the flight, travel bans and travel restriction between each origin country and Indonesia.

We are looking forward to the day that this pandemic is over. By this crucial time, we would like to be flexible as much as we can for our clients. However, our crews and their families depend on us. We have to do our best to keep them employed and to have their families survive.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, we offer and apply the extraordinary terms and conditions for current bookings to follow this terms and conditions until further notice or until the pandemic is ended. 

This extraordinary terms and conditions are applied to travel bans, or travel restriction or symptoms of Covid-19 or having the risk travel history due to Covid-19 pandemic in both origin country and Indonesia only.


  • We offer unlimited rescheduling the trip with priority to the same destination until December 2023 and it is subject to availability.
  • If there is no availability for your new requested period or close to that one, we offer credit voucher to use one time as part of payment in the next booking.
  • The rescheduling for the alternative destination can be considered if there is no availability for original routes. The price must be readjusted to the new trip price. In case the new trip price is more than the original booking, you are requested to make the payment for the different value prior to the new trip departure according to due date on the revised invoice. In case the new trip price is lower than the original booking price, we offer the credit voucher for the rest amount after new trip price to use in the next booking.  
  • For the case that anyone is unable to travel due to the symptoms of Covid-19 or have the risk travel history within 15 days before joining our trip, we require medical certification to reschedule the trip to the next available trip.


Please noted that the extraordinary terms and condition could be modified without prior notice.


We deeply appreciated our clients as well as our agents for the best support and trust. We are looking forward to welcoming you on board at soonest.


Best Regards,

Panunee Yacht

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